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寫字樓設計以新派現代感為概念。會議室、經理室和董事房間都用了黑框落地玻璃,開揚又型格。為了讓寫字樓更有現代感,接待處、部份面版、傢俬和喉管都點綴了不同顏色,更有動感。接待處用上品牌的紅色,再配上像貨櫃的凹凸條子面板設計和 Visual 燈箱,品牌形象更鮮明強烈。另外,設計亦分別了員工不同的工作區域,工作起來更有系統。


​The design for this logistics office is modern and fresh. We use blackly-framed glass for all the conference rooms and managers' rooms to make the office look both spacious and stylish. The reception counter, some panels, furniture, and pipes are in different color blocks to make the whole space more dynamic. The reception counter is in brand red color. It just looks like cargo. With the image lightbox behind, the brand image is more reinforced. We have systematic zoning for the office also.

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