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圖書館有明顯的分區,主要分為:主題閱讀區、自主學習區、休閒閱讀區和館藏區。我們善用圖書館的長廊位置改成主題閱讀區,窗戶位更改成拱型卡位,既保留窗戶無阻礙看通透的特性,亦自成分區,讓學童可以輕鬆閱讀,快樂學習。顏色上用上淺木色 X 粉彩的設定,配上大圓角的書架、服務臺和弧線的梯級座位和面板等,別具美感又舒適,減少尖角的設定也保障了孩童的安全。主題閱讀區的中島座位與雜誌架相連,隨心便可以拿起閱讀。弧線的梯級座位,後面放置書櫃,讓孩子可以選擇更悠閒的閱讀方式。梯級背面亦加入雲形面板,令圖書館更元氣。自主學習區則用上傳統桌椅組合,專注小組學習。組合式桌椅都是圓弧線條配上淺木 X 粉彩色,與整個圖書館主題相呼應,風格更為統一。


The library provides different reading zones including theme, study and casual ones. The narrow part of the library becomes the theme reading zone with arched lounge seats. Students could look through the windows behind the seats. This makes the narrow area looking more spacious. Light wooden material with pastels, rounded-corner bookshelves and curved shapes are the main elements. These help to make the library look good and safe. The island seats with magazine racks and stair seats also enhance easy reading. In the study zone, there are tables and chairs using pastels and round-shaped elements and makes the whole area consistent in design.

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