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在顏色運用上,我們選用原木顏色,配搭少量色彩作為點綴。天花和部份面板都加入條紋,增加質感,令整體構圖更加豐富。圖書館入口設置新書展示區,以圓形中島的特別造型吸引學生們的注意。窗邊自然光進入的地方,設置閱讀位置, 提供讓學生專注閱讀的環境。借還書處的設計為弧形,並用上兩層高低檯 ,增加檯面面積及功能性。館藏區牆邊用上全高書架,中間則用上半高書架,避免阻礙管理員視線,加上天然採光,更加開揚。梯級型座椅,提供休閒座位區選擇。配以投映屏幕,更可作適當的簡報或教學展示。


We design with lots of wood texture accented with few colors. Slit panels are used also to enhance the texture. At the entrance, there are cylinder - shaped new books display shelves which make the composition more interesting. The side where the sunlight enters become the reading zone. We use high - low curve - shaped table as counter to increase the functional table surface area. Full height book shelves are all aside while the island shelves are just half height to avoid blocking the vision and light. Stairs seats could be spectator area for screen presentation.

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