單位是戶主夫婦與一對仔女一起居住的。由於有小朋友的關係,屋內部份陵角都改為圓角,色調也以柔和自然為主,適合一家人生活,溫馨洋溢。客廳、飯廳和鋼琴為長方佈局,統一一致,有條不紊。飯廳後安裝了一道磁石牆,相片 、Memo可以隨興拼貼,家庭關係更親近。




The owner is a family with kids, so we make all the corners of furniture round in shape and pastels be the main colors. The living room, dining room, and piano corner are arranged neatly in a rectangular shape. The is a collage wall beside the dining table so that the members could paste their photos and artwork there. This helps to reinforce the family bonding.


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