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單位以木色點綴以 MONOTONE 黑白灰色,増加層次和美感。開放式的廚房設計,讓空間感更大。各房間的設計亦各有特式,貫徹美感。電視牆加入灰色的牆身,増加客廳的焦點。部份灰色的組合櫃和黑白灰的電器傢俱,與木色融合亦増添型格。主人房亦有一道灰色的牆,増加層次和視覺焦點。


We use wood as the main color accented with monotone colors to increase aesthetics.  The grey walls, cupboards, and mod look furniture make the design look more stylish. The kitchen is open to the living room and helps to make it look more spacious.

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